Editorial Team

Polina Zelmanova


Polina is currently in her final year of the Film Studies BA at the University of Warwick. She is interested in interdisciplinary arts on both a production and academic level, particularly avant-garde and experimental practices, as well as representations of gender and sexuality on screen. By becoming a part of the Reinvention team, she was given a great opportunity to work with and exchange views with people from different disciplines, broadening her approach to academic research.

Email: P.Zelmanova@warwick.ac.uk


Adam Jones

Assistant Editor

Adam's a second year Computer Scientist at the University of Warwick. He joined the team as an Assistant Editor in 2019 and hopes to encourage the accessible sharing of knowledge. In line with Reinvention's aims, he sees an interdisciplinary approach to working and research as key to new breakthroughs in important areas, and having an international outlook important to stay open to the highest quality research.

Email: Adam.Jones.1@warwick.ac.uk


Auni Siukosaari

Assistant Editor

Auni is a second year Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) student at the University of Warwick. She was interested in both her degree as well as Reinvention because of their interdisciplinary nature. Throughout her academic career she has been working in interdisciplinary and international settings and therefore found herself aligned with Reinvention's mission. Through her work as an assistant editor she hopes to encourage undergraduate involvement in the academic realm and bridge gaps between different disciplines. Her personal research interests are broad and vary from behavioural economics to international relations, but she looks forward to working with authors from various backgrounds and disciplines.

Email: Auni.Siukosaari@warwick.ac.uk


Connie Slater

Assistant Editor

Connie Slater is a 4th year English Literature student from the University of Warwick. Having been Reinvention's 'Book Reviews Editor' for 2 years, in 2019 she became an Assistant Editor for the undergraduate journal. Following her studies, Connie would like to return to France, following on from her year abroad there. She finds that the multi-cultural influences of Reinvention support the development of a global community of Undergraduate writers and is excited to see what the new issues will bring. 

Email: C.Slater.1@warwick.ac.uk


Kiera Taylor

Assistant Editor

Kiera is a second-year student at Monash University undertaking a BA majoring in Anthropology and minoring in Behavioural Studies. She has previously worked as a magazine Journalist and Sub-editor and joined Reinvention Journal as an Assistant Editor to gain experience in academic publishing. In addition to a love of other cultures and cultural practices, Kiera’s professional interests are in the effect of social and political structures on individual physical and mental health. She believes that we can all learn a lot through studying and learning about different cultures and practices, which can be used to improve our own lives.

Email: kjtay12@student.monash.edu


Mary Dass

Assistant Editor

Mary is currently in her final year of Bachelor of Secondary Education (Honours) and Bachelor of Science at Monash University. She has actively participated in a range of events held by The Centre for Undergraduate Research Initiatives and Excellence (CURIE), including The International Conference of Undergraduate Research (ICUR) where she presented her research on “The Effect of Vitamin D on Multiple Sclerosis”. This has given her an extraordinary platform to work with students alongside building her passion for research. As an Assistant Editor, she is looking forward to assisting students with their respective academic research. This is through making it accessible to the wider research community whilst also displaying its significance.

Email: mdas0002@student.monash.edu


Michael Walton

Assistant Editor

Michael Walton is in their fourth-year student, studying a BA in literature and archaeology and a BSc in physics. They are interested in queer, feminist and gothic literature as well as fiction as a form of critical inquiry. They see interdisciplinarity as key to generating novel ways of reading and researching and hope to cultivate this in their capacity as an Assistant Editor.

Email: mwal31@student.monash.edu

Seth Loo

Assistant Editor

Seth is an undergraduate student in the University of Warwick currently in the final year of his BSc Economics degree. His research interests are broad, and in particular he has a passion for behavioural economics and strongly advocates interdisciplinary approaches to economic research. With his capacity as Assistant Editor for this journal, he hopes to cultivate a stronger yearning for the pursuit of knowledge among student communities.

Email: C.Loo@warwick.ac.uk


Steph Daborn

Assistant Editor

Stephanie Daborn is a penultimate year student at Monash University studying a Bachelor of Science and Arts. She majors in geography in both degrees and is particularly interested in human/environment interactions and building urban resilience to climate change. Stephanie is an avid supporter of undergraduate research and giving students a platform to share their knowledge and passions. As such, she has been involved with the International Conference of Undergraduate Research and the associated Compass mentoring program since 2018 and is thrilled to be a part of the Reinvention team in 2020. 

Email: sdab0001@student.monash.edu


Mark Ranasinghe

Book Reviews Editor

Mark is a final year MD student at Monash University with a particular interest in heart disease, anaesthetics and obstetrics. He also enjoys reading and believes that it can be one of the most rewarding and enjoyable things we can do in our spare time. 

Email: mpran3@student.monash.edu

Millie Jacoby

Marketing Assistant

Millie is a French and Hispanic Studies student at the University of Warwick. As a student with an interest in academic research but who is also experienced in social media promotion and advertising, the job of Marketing Assistant for the journal is a perfect fit. When not running the social media pages and writing online posts for the journal, she enjoys researching Jewish representation in French literature.

Email: M.Jacoby@warwick.ac.uk



Positions occupied by staff members based at Warwick and Monash:

  • Journal Manager
    Emma Barker
  • Academic Advisor (Warwick)
    Dr Cath Lambert
  • Academic Advisor (Monash)
    Dr Ernest Koh
  • Layout Editors
    Nic Duke
    Emma Barker
    Fiona O'Brien

External Team Members:

  • Copy-editor and Proofreader (Volume 13, Volume 10, Issue 1)

    Claire Handy of Handy Editorials www.handyeditorials.co.uk

  • Copy-editor and Proofreader (Vol 1, Issue 1 to Vol 12, Issue 2, excluding notes Issues)

    Dr Catherine Hanley of Hanley Editorial (Advanced Professional Member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders)

  • Assistant Copy-editor and Proofreader (Volume 3, Issue 1)

    Megan Lawler